Jun 112012

Given an integer, write code to check if it is a palindrome or not. For example: 24342 is a palindrome but 32767 is not a palindrome.

The signature of the function may be as shown below:

/** Function returns 1 is num is palindrome and returns 0 otherwise.
int checkPalindrome(int num);



Step 1.  First keep the modulus(absolute value) of the number. This is to make the code work for -ve integers also.
Step 2.  Reverse the digits of the number and store it in another integer.
Step 3.  Compare the two int (original & reversed). If they are equal, return 1, else 0.


int checkPalindrome(int num) 
    int rev=0;         // To store the reversed num

    // Taking the absolute value
    if(num < 0) 
      num = -num;

    // because n will change while reversing it
    int n = num;
    while(n > 0)
       rev *= 10;
       rev = rev + n % 10;
       n = n/10;

    if(num == rev)
       return 1;
       return 0;

Please let me know your feedback..

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