Data Structure for Coding Interviews

Data structure and Algorithms is one of the most important subjects for coding interviews. Software developers, sometimes, tend to lose the command on the subject. This is especially true when they are working on some support project and are not in the habit of problem-solving and book-reading.

But more and more companies are now taking coding interviews. The jobs of individual software developers are increasing and other jobs (like QA, managers, etc.) are struggling to remain relevant in the times of automation and Lean development.

The way data structure subject is studies (and used) by a software developer/Architect is little different from the way it is studied in a college (that is more from research point-of-view).

College syllabus is designed to be more research-oriented and includes a lot of mathematical calculations/equations. But, when you study data structure from an interview point of view (or for day-to-day working in a company) you should be more focused on problem-solving.

It requires a lot of practice (and experience) to find which data structure should be used in a particular situation (problem). For example, consider the following question from our book:

You will be surprised that an optimal solution to this problem actually uses Array data structure.

In my book on “Data Structure for Coding Interviews”, I have discussed how different data structures are used in different problem-solving situations.

The following video has an introduction of the book:

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