Master System design Interviews

This is personalized coaching where the trainer will personally teach you thru live classes (online chat / screen share / Whiteboard).

Upcoming Batch: 1st May, 2019.

Duration of the course: 4 weeks
Trainer: Kamal Rawat (Ex. Microsoft Senior SDE, Ex. Adobe Computer Scientist, Author of multiple books on Coding Interview).
Mode of training: Live Classes (Not recorded videos). We do not have more than 5 students in a batch to encourage two-way communication. Our classes are like online meetings where you can ask direct questions during the class itself.

Topics Covered:

  • System Design Basics (Why SD questions, Strategies to approach SD questions, Defining performance KPI)
  • CAP Theorem
  • Monolithic v/s Micro Services
  • Load Balancer and Consistent Hashing.
  • Caching (centralized v/s distributed caching)
  • Data Partitioning and Sharding
  • Indexes
  • Queues
  • Communication protocols between two distributed services (TCP/IP, REST, MQ, UDP, Request-Response model, etc. )
  • Scalability
  • Plus case studies of designing different systems:
    • Design online chess game
    • Design a centralized logging system
    • Design a photo-sharing/editing system like Google Photos
    • Design a service like BookMyShow
    • Design Youtube/Netflix
    • Design Uber/Ola
    • Design Twitter timeline
    • Design url-shortener service

* syllabus subject to change

This one-month long course will not just discuss the concepts but will also discuss the solution of multiple questions of different categories.

A fresh batch of course starts on the 15th of every month.


CALL: +91-8377803450
EMAIL: krawat@ritambhara.in