Jun 112012

Given a doubly linked list. Write a function that accepts a pointer to the head of the list and reverse the list.

The structure of the node in a doubly linked list is as below:

struct Node
   int data;
   Node* prev; // pointer to the previous node in the list
   Node* next; // pointer to the next node in the list


I have earlier written post about reversing a singly linked list iteratively and recursively.

Reversing a doubly linked list is much simpler as compared to reversing a singly linked list. We just need to swap the prev & next pointers in all the nodes of the list and need to make head point to the last node of original list (which will be the first node in the reversed list).

Here is the code


void reverseDLL(Node*& head)
       // Swapping the prev & next pointer of each node
       Node * t = head->prev;
       head->prev = head->next;
       head->next = t;

       if(head->prev != NULL)
          head = head->prev;  // Move to the next node in original list
          break;              // reached the end. so terminate


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