This class by our CEO, Kamal Rawat inside a university will give you idea of the contents in the book. Linear search looks like a simple ,topic, but when discussed for across data structures in both recursive and non-recursive form, then it may be little tricky. Please watch the below video.


Searching & sorting algorithms form the back bone of coding acumen of developers. This book
comprehensively covers

  • In-depth tutorial & analysis of all major algorithms and techniques used to search and
    sort across data structures.
  • All major variations of each algorithm (e.g Ternary, Jump, Exponential, Interpolation are
    variations of Binary search).
  • 110 real coding interview questions as solved examples and unsolved problems.
  • Case studies of implementation of searching and sorting in language libraries.
  • Introduction to how questions are asked and expected to answer on online competitive
    coding and hiring platforms like,, etc.
  • Introduction to data structures.

Download the code in book from the below repository: