Jun 282012

There are 2 sorted arrays of size m and m+n respectively. First array (of size m) has m elements and Second array (of size m+n) has only n elements (last m positions are blank). So, the total number of elements in both the arrays is m+n (m in first and n in second). Write code to merge the m+n elements in the 2nd array such that the result is sorted.

If the two arrays are as below:

Then the output should be:


Start the backward merge, of array arr1 and n elements on arr2 into arr2 (Complete array, till position m+n) 


1. Let a, b & c be three pointers.

  • a points to last (mth) element of arr1
  • b points to nth (last valid) element of arr2
  • c points to the last empty position of arr2 (m+n)th

2. While ( a>=0 && b>=0). i.e will we have elements in both the arrays

    If (arr1[a] > arr2[b])
        arr2[c] = arr1[a]
        arr2[c] = arr2[b]

3. If a >=0
Move remaining elements from arr1 to arr2 starting from a in arr1 to position c in arr2 in backward fashion


    /** size of array arr2 should be m+n (and not n) */
    void mergeIntoSecond(int * arr1, int m, int*arr2, int n)
        int a=m-1, b=n-1, c=m+n-1;
        while(a>=0 && b>=0)
            if(arr1[a] > arr2[b])
                arr2[c] = arr1[a]; 
                arr2[c] = arr2[b]; 

        for(;a>=0;a--, c--)
            arr2[c] = arr1[a];

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