Jun 112012

Write a function to count the leaf nodes of a binary tree.


Problems of Binary tree can be easily solved using recursion. Because the child nodes of a Binary tree are also Binary tree in themselves.


The below algorithm does it recursively.

If (current node is a leaf node)
    leaf_count += 1;
    leaf_cout += leaf_count of left sub tree + leaf_count of right sub tree

C Program:

Here is a C program to do the same..

    struct node{
         int data;
         node* lptr;
         node* rptr;

    /** return the number of leaf nodes in the tree whose root is at r */
    int count_leaf(node *r){
            return (!r->lptr && !r->rptr) ?
                1 :
                count_leaf(r->lptr) + count_leaf(r->rptr);
            return 0;

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  1. you can also add that one line.. how you can call this in main function. that’s where i got stucked.

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